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Zhangjiang Exhibition Center

2019/01/25 09:53
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The Exhibition Center is located at the intersection of Zhangjiang Gaoke near Shenjiang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. It has convenient traffic and busy business. The office building of Exhibition Square is close to Guanglan Road Station of Metro Line 2. There are many buses passing by. The transportation is very convenient. The office building of Exhibition Square consists of a 20-storey main building and a 83-4-storey single villa. The total floor area of the above-ground office building is about 65288 square meters. Among them, the building area of No. 1 building 88 meters high is 5146 square meters, and the underground area is 22050 square meters, with a volume ratio of 2.8. There are 15 cm overhead floor in the office building of Zhanxiang Square. It is convenient for enterprises to decorate, fire sprinkler and smoke sense system are in place, ceiling, central air conditioning, lighting system, whitewashed walls and fine decoration of public areas. There are Howard Johnson Hotel, Pullman Hotel, Convention Center, Starbucks Coffee, Chinese and Western Restaurant, Staff Restaurant, Fitness Center, Talent Apartment and so on around the office building of Exhibition Square.
The business attraction area of Zhanxiang Square office building is 140 square 300 square 500 square 800 square 1 200 square feet and so on.
The park is suitable for all types of enterprises to work. The headquarters office is a good choice for the start-up enterprises. The Guanglan Road Station of Line 2 subway station is adjacent to the station. It has comprehensive supporting facilities, low rent, good environment, mature supporting facilities, convenient transportation, superior living and office environment. All major banks, fast food stores, hotels, leisure shopping and other supporting facilities are available.

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