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Human resources


Talents are the source of power for the development of Haojing tomorrow. With its unique talent concept and corporate culture, the company has been taking "recruiting talents" as an important part of its talent strategy for many years, and has made a good enough talent reserve for the future development of enterprises. The company has always adhered to the principle of "keeping people in business, keeping people in love and keeping people in treatment" as its human resources work. It has constantly pioneered and innovated in the recruitment, selection, training, incentive and performance appraisal of talents, and gradually established a set of scientific talent reserve strategy with Haojing characteristics. "Raise soldiers for thousands of days, use one of them." The ultimate goal of our talent reserve is when enterprises need it. "Talents" can be recruited as soon as possible, come to fight, win the battle. The company achieves the goal of complementarity of human resources, getting the right person, getting the right person, doing the right thing and doing the best job by means of continuous recruitment, promotion, transfer and division of labor, as well as performance appraisal. Every employee in Haojing will have a good growth environment and career development space. The company will also carry out training and career planning according to the characteristics of each employee.   


Training is another important part of the company's talent strategy. Every year, the company formulates corresponding vocational training plans for different training objects, so that employees can combine work experience and theoretical knowledge, and ultimately achieve the goal of first-class technology and scientific management. Talent reserve is the inevitable choice for Haojing to pursue sustainable operation and long-term development. We will always adhere to the principle of "horse racing does not mean horse racing" and "everyone is a talented person". As long as you have genuine talent and practical learning, as long as you can bring your potential and wisdom into full play in your job, you will certainly become a bright star of Haojing. Our ultimate goal is to make HaoJing a "valley" of "rational river" that can attract talents.


The ultimate strategic goal of the company is to become the most competitive leading enterprise in glass manufacturing industry. With the principle of performance-oriented and customer-oriented, we will continuously improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. The company recognizes and repays employees on the basis of customer satisfaction and performance level. At the same time, according to the needs of production and operation, employees with relevant skills are recruited and trained to ensure continuous improvement of the relevant skills and comprehensive quality of the company's employees and enhance the company's comprehensive market competitiveness. In addition, we can improve the overall understanding of the production process of the management and workshop staff through rotation and other ways, and create a "teamwork" organizational atmosphere within the company. Based on the principle that employees'interests are higher than everything else and employees' income is maximized, the company gradually establishes a perfect incentive and performance system. The salary and performance level of employees are directly linked. It can not only fully tap the potential of employees, but also attract more excellent talents, and ultimately realize the company's leading position in the glass industry.



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